Men need to change their outlook, just not the way women want them to!

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Another day of shame for Delhi, another woman raped, another surge of debates on the need to change the mentality of Indian Men to have respect for women. Well agreed, but we miss pointing out an important aspect of human morals and values that is equally responsible in preventing crimes against women, if not more.

The culprit and a serial women harasser driver ” Shiv Kumar Yadav” is finally behind bars. We got to know he used to regularly molest women in his village. That leaves me wondering, what were the other Men in the village doing when he commited these crimes against women? Mathrua is no stranger to honor killing either. In our society where people are ready to kill their sisters and daughters for honour if she falls in love with someone her family or the Khap doesn’t approve of, and in the same society serial women harassers are not touched. Why didn’t these proud men thrash the hell out of this monster? And this is not just one incident. In a state Transport bus girls have to fight their molestors on their own to save their modesty while all the so called veer “jats” and “Gurjars” of Haryana sit there watching the show. I understand there is another side to the story, but the fact remains that its not uncommon to expect that no-one would come to a girl’s help when she is harassed by goons. Does our Manliness and bravery just extend till torturing helpless women? What a bunch of cowards we are!

In the Delhi rape case the girl was out with her friends, she partied, hopped pubs, ate and had drinks with a male friend. She would have been clearly drunk when she boarded the cab, and what did her male friend do? He let her travel alone in the cab. Wasn’t it his responsibility to make sure she reached her home safe? Couldn’t he spare a few minutes and traveled with her to ensure safety of her friend?

We talk about changing mentality of our men, that is absolutely necessary, but till the time that doesn’t happen, the good guys will have to take the responsibility of protecting our women.
And this is not something feminists should take offense to. Off-course a woman can protect herself, and even a man gets robbed. There is nothing weak of “feminine” in losing a struggle as long as you gave it your best. If we just join hands we can fight off this evil better.

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