A heart wrenching tale of an Army man! Media silent, Sarkar silent. What about you?

In a country where the disappearance of Azam Khan’s buffalo becomes a national emergency, with media giving it constant coverage, This poor, resource less army man is running from pillar to post to get his mother justice. Doesn’t he know that it is utterly foolish for a common man to seek justice or to expect any support from the Media or the Government in this country?

Lakshman Bansode, a man serving in the indian army has now resorted to social media to get his voice heard. His mother Saraswati was brutally killed in the Nanded district of Maharashtra more than 3 years ago. Her only fault, she didn’t want to give her land to powerful people with political contacts.

In his letter Lakshman Bansode pens down his plight, desperately seeking for support, any support.

Lakshman Bansode mother killed

He says, For 22 years he has been serving and protecting his mother India, while his own mother was brutally tortured and killed while he was on duty. The killers first tried to kill her by hitting her with rocks, then they used hot iron to burn her hands, legs and breasts. The marks visible on her body. This is the pic of the lady below who died. She reminds me of my mother and it makes my blood boil with anger and disgust.



Lakshman says that the Army Department sent many letters to people in power to look into the issue but the killers are still scott free because of their strong political contacts.

He wrote to the Superintendent of Police, Army Welfare department, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis, and to our PM Modiji. Didn’t get a resposnse from a single one of them.



Now the family is on a run due to constant threats from the same killers who could not be arrested even after CID probe in last 3 years. Frustrated and disillusioned from the red tape the family has put its last hope of justice with social media.


Please see this video to know the story


Family members have given up hope on Indian media and have uploaded the documents on facebook page bansode letters to Modi, Rajnath Singh, MAHA CM

The Jawan and his family requests us readers with folded hands to please share the story and get their voice heard.. Question is, Would we share his story and fight for his justice or is our conscience dead too?

Request the readers to at least go to his facebook post and show some empathy and solidarity with him. They really need it right now and expect it from us


You can also share his story on social meida or paste them on the walls of media facebook pages and hope someone from mainstream media would pick this news.

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