A Hindu explains how Amir Khan got the Wrong Number!

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Firstly, I am grateful to Amir Khan for pointing out the evils that has crept into the Hindu society over time. I agree a lot of con-men in India are fooling people and taking their money in the name of religion. People should never follow these false Gurus. But, by the end of the movie I was left wondering, if the purpose of movie was to expose the perils of blindly following religious Godmen then how is it that the movie barely touched the biggest evil that these Godmen have infested this world with. Can you guess who is the most famous Godman of the recent times?

Let me just clarify that I wrote the article for two reasons:.

1. Movie pretty much directly says that people who are idol worshipers are fools claiming they should directly talk to God. Now I would have ignored the topic but for how long? I don’t want someone tomorrow taunt me saying I worship monkey, elephant God and rocks and stones. If you follow social media you would understand this context better.

Don’t believe this already is happening in India? Watch this video and read the comments :

2. Hindus have been shown as Muslim haters and that is apparently fanning communal tension in our country according to the movie . Now is that really the truth?

And why single out Amir? I know from news that when he works on a script, he does his research and solely overlooks every aspect of it. I think Amir is the right guy to point this article at.

Now back to the question, can you guess who has been the most famous God-man in the recent times?The answer is No, your guess is wrong. it is Osama Bin- Laden, and the difference in Osama’s modus-operandi from that of a Hindu Guru being that the former brain wash people into giving them their money while Osama brain washed them into fighting jihad all over the world. And who are these Imams and Bukharis? They are all God men claiming that followers of their interpretation of Islam would would get a ticket to heaven.

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Mr. Amir, I understand if you don’t want to touch the big “Terrorism” issue. A movie Vihswaroopam was made by the awesome “Mr.Kamal Hasan”. Muslim organisations in Tamil Nadu were adamant for it’s ban and even got it banned for 15 day by pressurising the TN Govt causing a huge dent to the movie earnings. The only problem with the movie, they showed a terrorist who plants bombs, and that terrorist apparently was a bearded Islamic terrorist. Kamal Hasan plays the good muslim in the movie. Now what is wrong with the narrative?  Just imagine the hypocrisy in the name of religious sensitivity.

Anyways, at-least a relatively milder version of Religious Extremism should definitely have  been included here. I think  Amir got the “wrong number” here in selecting the more pressing topics at hand. No problem Amir can always make a sequel. Here are a few of my suggestions that could inspire the PK2 story: A group of school kids in Up were beaten up with blunt weapons and sticks by violent muslim mobs because they were singing VANDE MATRAM on Independence Day because it apparently meant doing “bootparasti” or Idol worship. In Kerala too on the eve of India’s Independence Day a radical organisation warned a school against singing Vande Mataram for the same reason. So I ask, you find it Idol Worship to sing a song of praise for your Motherland? For you your religion is above your country. Now if a Hindu wants a Hindu Rashtra then you shout ” Ohh but it’s a secular country..” How about Hindus keep religion above their country too, Would be fair right? And even if you don’t want to sing the song, who gives you the right to violently attack and threaten other communities from Singing Vande Matram?

That’s the sad truth of India’s secular framework today.



And how about this, a Christian professor had set a question paper for his students in a school. The comprehension paper had a passage that the professor had copied from some article and that passage seemed somewhat derogatory to muslim groups. Hence there was a fatwa on his head that his hands should be cut off.

So the Prof Mr. TJ Joseph was returning with his family from Sunday service when a group of people in a Maruti Omni van drew up beside him stopping him close to home. After forcing Joseph to get out of his car, they attacked him with knives and swords, then cut off his hand and right arm throwing them away after about 200 meters.

And while all this happened, the professor’s poor mother was sitting in the car, witnessing the whole crime.



The authorities of Newman College, told AsiaNews that in the test, Prof. Joseph tells the story of a fishmonger who, despite hard work, becomes increasingly poor. The monger’s name is Mohammad In his desperation, he spoke to God and also asked his brother why his fortunes were dwindling. His brother told Mohammed:”Why are you calling God, God, God….” Students were asked to specify the punctuation of the narrative.

Yeah, that’s all. That’s the above paragraph that made the professor loose his limbs ! You see, the biggest irony of the whole story is that there was simply nothing insulting in the paragraph! But it was mis-interpreted just as an excuse to start violence on another community.

Also, Amir you can make a film on how 1000s of north east people were made to flee cities like Bangalore and Pune, Mumbai city held on seize, 2 people died and mobs insult the Amar Jawan jyoti and Burn many Govt vehicles.





The reason for this violence was a protest to a riot between the local tribals of Assam and the Bangladeshi muslims immigrants who had crossed border to India, capturing lands and spreading nuisance such as robberies and rapes of local Asamese population, and also because riots were happening between muslims and Buddhists in an Asian country called Myanmar at the same time. That was apparently too much for them to take!

So if we expect to see another riot happening in India next time the Bangladeshi migrants are stopped from illegally entering India or when Isreal strikes Gaza, it should not be too far fetched. Read here about the Azad Maidan riots

In a scene Amir mocks that offering fodder to Cows bring good luck. But he conveniently doesn’t touch the fact that so many animals are killed within a matter of few days in the name of religion during Bakried. We did get a glimpse of some real heroes though during last bakr-eid though, a team of  PETA in Bhopal that comprised a few muslim ladies went to a muslim community and requested to follow a green eid by not killing animals. They were brave souls who took up an cause for change towards Good knowing fully well what danger they were exposing themselves to. And surely enough, danger followed. A whole bunch of angry mob attacked them and tore their pants and wanted to strip and stone them right  there. One can only imagine what their fate would have been had the police had not intervened in time. Read the story here. http://news.yahoo.com/indian-mob-attacks-women-demonstrating-against-animal-cruelty-194605489.html




So I ask, Isn’t all this masala worthy of a Bollywood movie, Mr. Amir?

And I ask the readers, is Amir the real Hero or these brave young women? They failed but they had the guts to challenge the wrong in a community that attacks so violently when even their ills are pointed out. How does a community improve when it turns a blind eye to all its faults? And, If someone from another community points out the wrongs, they are accused of being communal and Islamophobic. It’s a catch 22 situation culminating here.  Also, honestly I think It’s time we stop putting these actors and dancers on pedestal and recognise the true heroes of our country. A true hero is brave, not a coward who looks to pick on easy targets.

Another movie scene sarcastically shows the demand for a temple on Ram Janmabhoomi to be so stupid saying “ohh why don’t you build schools and hospitals instead.” Maybe the team is unaware or simply ignores the recent news. Let me point to a small news, 200 temples have been razed down in Kashmir in last 2 decades. Did you hear a noise about it in media or even in social media?



In another news 40 pilgrims to Anantnag were injured and 1000s of tents burnt down by local muslims during the last year pilgrimage. These are the same locals whose large part of income comes from the business these pilgrims provide every year. Talk about being ungrateful!

I ask, how many mosques have been razed down in the Hindu majority regions? Even during the Babri masjid demolition, hundreds of mosques came on the way of karsewaks who were moving towards ayodhya, not a single mosque was touched on the way. Even Court found through excavations that there was a huge temple on the Babri masjid ground. Hindus ask for one temple on such an important site for them and they get lectures on the money being wasted. Would the same be said about muslim community. Now compare that with the Saharanpr riots in UP that happened because a land allotted by the High court to the sikh community for the construction of a gurdwara was forcefully being captured by the local muslim community who wanted to build a mosque there.

I know a lot of you must be saying “But Hindus won’t have to be the same way, we believe in love and peace. We don’t want our temples.” To them I say” Absolutely, you go ahead and not care. But I love my culture, I love our history and our philosophies. I am proud of my ancestors. I am proud of the knowledge in vedas and Upanishads that appear to make more and more sense as modern science progresses . As per the church,  Earth is flat and not round, and is the center of the solar system instead of Sun. Sun is claimed to be circling around Earth. That is why westerners were told not to go too far ahead in the sea or they may fall down the face of Earth. Hinduism is the first religion that tells the Sun to be the center of Solar system, and even declared the value of the perimeter of Earth, distance of earth from Sun, from moon, the discovery of planets, almost exactly correct values almost 5000 years ago, something the Modern science could do just lately. The Arabic number system with decimals and fractions, quadratic equation, functional equations, calculus, Major parts  of algebra, what makes a large part of modern mathematics today found its first origins in India. Intact you must have noticed the striking similarity between hindi number system which was originally sanskrit and the English number system.  Al-Kwarizm one of the greatest Islamic science scholars  translated it in his book Zīj al-Sindhind – translated as astronomical tables of Sind and Hind . So yes, I care about my religious place and my cultural heritage and would want all the Glory for it, just as any other community would want for their holy places.


( A Sikh standing alone in front of rioters)


In a scene in the movie, the Godman asks a man to travel 100s of kms to another temple and Amir points flaw in that. And its true, according to Hinduism God is inside all of us and we don’t need to go to a temple to look for God. But does islam teach that God is inside us or that we can directly communicate with God? The answer is no. Islam says God is unfathomable and beyond comprehension. Then how can one communicate with God then? Even after death Islam and Christanity says you will reach heaven but never says you will meet God. Its only at the time of Judgement that you will meet God probably, while hindusim has all the stress on getting one with God, its called mukti, moksha or Nrivana and lays down steps to get there through yoga, something that no other religion can claim. And those who say Hindu ideas are all hoax then remember that these are the same people who gave you yoga and Ayurveda. The two fields that are more than 5000 years old and still going strong. If you believe yoga and ayurveda works then you should believe there is some truth in the above claims too. Now Islam says every muslim has to go to Mecca once atleast in his lifetime, so muslims travel 1000s of miles at mecca, there was an ebola outbreak threat because of possible contamination due to gathering. Again, no mention of that.


 (Amir himself travels 1000s of Kms for Hajj)

Amir says all Gods are same. Who knows this better than Hindus, when Shri Krishna says in Geeta that just like different rivers coming from different lands ultimately joins the ocean, similarly in whichever from, way, name you worship me, its just one god you worship eventually. Or when Gandhi sings “Ishwar Allah tere naam. A muslim can never say all God’s are one. If any muslim dares say that it would be Blasphamy! They shout ” Allah hu Akbar” that means Allah is greater. Greater than who? He is greater than your God, greater than all the gods worshiped by any other community! And that has been the biggest bone of contention that is breeding religious extremism. People say RSS, VHP spread riots in the country. I say we won’t see communal harmony till we reach mutual respect for other’s religious beliefs. When you claim only your god is real and everyone else is a kafir then you can expect the same treatment from the other side too. Communal harmony thus, is a two way process. Similarly with Christians who believe that Christ is the only true messenger of God. If every community agrees with the above view of Hinduism then the whole religious feud would end. So again, directed at the wrong community

Now, this article might come off as only muslim communtiy bashing, but honestly I didn’t find too much violence and radicalism in other communities like Sikhs, jains, buddhists etc on petty issues like singing vande mataram or an exam passage.

Also, the movie shows how Hindus have so much hatred towards muslims. Only the Hindu family of Anushka had all the problems with her dating a muslim pakistani boy, while everybody from pakistan showered love and affection towards anushka. Guruji claims “muslim hamesha Dhokha deta hai”, says Pk could be short for Parvez Khan, compares Amir with Ghazni who wants to destroy temples. The message is clear, Hindus hate muslims and that’s the root of all the communal tensions in India. But is that the case really? Look at the cases above and decide, is that the truth?
Now, to Boot Parasti or Idol worship, this is interesting… I asked a few of my muslim friends. What is allah. Mostly they said Allah is all merciful, the one true God. I asked them ” close your eyes and tell me what comes to your mind when you think of Allah”. Some said a Kuran ayat came to their mind, some said the word allah, some said the picture of mecca, while others said they saw a bright light, even the kind of light they saw varied, while some saw brilliant white light, some saw yellowing tinge, even intensity varied. Similary with the christians, if a black man who follows Christianity, why should he see god’s image in a blond white Jesus. What is wrong if he prays to Black Jesus, an image of God that he would be more comfortable calling his own?  Well, that’s the purpose of the 33 million Gods and Goddesses among Hindus. As Shri Krishna says in Geeta, ” I am basically formless but I will take any form and come to my disciple in the way my desciple would want to see me. Doesn’t this make sense? When God is so powerful he created the whole universe out of his sheer will, why can’t he take any form he wish? I say there are not 33 million but 6 billion Gods forms of God in this world because not one’s image of God in a person’s mind can be exactly similar to the other’s.


So are Hindus idol worshipers ?

Answer is no, Idols are a tool used to remember God just as the Holy Quran, the name “Allah”, the azan or the image of Kaaba is for Muslims, or what a church or a cross is for christians, a tool for the remembrance of God.

Now what is wrong with worshiping the formless god and give up idol worship?

Well, It could work for Muslims because their form of worship is prayer to God, but in hinduism the way to reach God is through meditation, by contemplating on God. It’s seeing image of God inside us,  dhyana, Dharana and then Samadhi. The three things in meditation are, the meditator, the process of meditation and the object of Meditation ( God Image) Samadhi is that stage of focus of mind that there is only the image of God that remains. When the mediator, the object of Meditation and the process of meditation itself, all three combine to become one, then the duality vanishes. That is when a Yogi reaches superconscious levels and sees the world and God in their true form.

That’s a broad topic, what I want to convey is idols are essential tools to practice meditation in Hinduism. Otherwise when muslim says God is unfathomable, and then when he remembers God, if any image comes to his mind, be it a bright light, or the name of Allah or image of kabba, anything, technically he is also doing Idol worship too, the same way Hindus do idol worship. Because how else can you mediate on abstract, something that is unfathomable, about which you know nothing at all? Swami Vivekananda says thus ” Among Mohammedans the prophets and great and noble persons are worshiped, and they turn their faces towards the Kaaba when they pray. These things show that men at the first stage of religious development have to make use of something external, and when the inner self becomes purified they turn to more abstract conceptions”
Makes sense?

Also, Mr. Zakir Naik is absolutely wrong when he quotes the Vedas sholka “na tasya pratima asti” claiming Idol worship is wrong, the shloka simply means as Lord Krishna says in Geeta also ” I am basically formless but I take a thousand forms”. Pratima means form here. And zakir nair conveniently picks up 1/4th of a shloka to spread lies. It’s like taking the line “Do jihad on Kafirs” from Quran and painting that islam is evil. while the truth is majority of Muslims are infact good, but they don’t count because they don’t stand and challenge the evils prevalent in their community, and that’s mostly because they are scared as well. I think, or atleast I hope that any wise muslim would understand that if Islamic extremism become rampant in India it would push our whole future generations towards a life similar to that in Afghanistan right now.

Ohh.. But, But, what about love? 

Dear Amir, if you see this video below of the love that Pakistanis have for Hindu women, I promise your head will hang in shame for depicting the amount of affection that a Pakistani man and the whole Pakistan embassy had for a Hindu girl.

When you make a movie, it’s your responsibility to not mislead people into eating up lies. The mindset they will build by these subtle hints that work as subliminal messages would cloud their vision in future.

Well the post could go on forever but as a Hindu I think I made my point.

If you have reached all the way down reading this article then I suppose you are as worried about the lies being spread about Hinduism and the way Hindus have been traditionally taken as soft Targets. I request you to please share this article and make your voice known. I would really like Mr. Amir to give a response at-least. I believe the sheer importance of the subject and the way it was handled by Amir deserves a response from him that would clarify his views. So, the specific question to Amir, Why did you avoid exposing the above evils of religious God men rather than pick a soft Target? I heard you do extensive research on any subject you work on, so were you Ignorant of the above state of affairs, or were you scared to touch the muslim community ideology knowing there could be a fatwa on your head? What do our readers think? Leave a reply, I would love to know your views.

(Let me just state clearly to all the Amir fans, I didn’t target Amir for being a muslim. I did so because he also proved to be a coward and took the easy way out by staying adrift from the more severe issues of “blind faith” just because that would have landed him in trouble. So much for being a hero ! )

Disclaimer: This article is not a movie review. Neither is it and exaggeration, it’s meant to be an extrapolation on what the movie shows compared to some of the realities of our society. And If speaking the truth makes me “communal” in the eyes of people then maybe it’s time we introspect on our own mindsets. Satyameva jayate! 

Additional quote: My muslim blood brothers who feel offended by the article, I have nothing against you except that you are not vocally resisting these extremist elements in your community. If you shun your responsibility then people will blame you for being in silent agreement with the extremists. In Gujrat riots too you see more hindus vocally condemning the wrong acts than even muslims. We only expect the same care and concern back from the muslim community. Otherwise you can see this one sided care is fading gradually. Too much to ask for?


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