An Indian describes the Sydney terror attack story in a weird but interesting way!

So, the first question should be, why do we need an Indian perspective? The answer is because our own famed Indian IT sector was represented there. An IT guy from Infosys was among the hostages there. And he was among the firsts to get out, he saw the a small window of opportunity when the terrorist asked the hostages to move to another side of the room, and an IT guy when managed to go onsite( abroad) knows all about grabbing opportunities. The level of office politics, flattery, persistence and threats of resignations he would have got his hands on, would give the world class negotiators a  run for their money.

Anyways its great news that he is out, though some media missed his name identity as well as his name. But he is a household name now, and would probably be getting so many complements when his enters his Infy office in sydney. Though the 1st question I think the manager would ask is what was he doing at the cafe during office hours? I feel this one question would depict the most apt picture of IT inudstry lifestyle. Ohh how much I love my IT life.
Anyways, moving on… It was a very anzious spectacle wathing the operation end. They were showing visuals. 5 men came out running, including our V anky reddy from Andhra probably. Two security force personels entered, all calm and composed with guns into a dark room. I think that was the plan, to darken up the room, use night goggles, go in and shoot down the terrorist.

The way the security forces were covered to the teeth made them look more like Bomb Squads than security personals.

Now compare that to our police, our staff caught the terrorist Kasab with a mere stick!

(Martyr Tukaram Ombale, who caught Kasab with just a stick)

Now, I am not boasting about how daring our police is, but just pointing to the sad state of preparation of our police, yet it was an act of ultimate bravery by Mr. Tukaram Ombale

This man above, in his 40s, who was responsible for the extremist attack had charges of Killing his ex wife, many case of rape and sexual harassment on women against him and still he was roaming free on bail. Leaves me wondering, is it that just our Indian judiciary is screwed up or is this a global phenomenon? What do you think?

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