Dear “senior” Reporter – An onlooker’s open letter to Rajdeep Sardesai’s reply to CM Mr.Fadvnavis

The most apparent reason I believe you don’t stand with truth is because you lack courage.

Dear Rajdeep,

I have followed some of your news coverages, interviews and your tweeter handle. I was keenly reading your open letter and CM’s reply and then your reply. Here is what I could see in your letter:

Firstly, I am amazed how smoothly you play the victim card at the drop of hat. You try to claim a moral high ground as a crusader for truth yet every word coming out of your mouth reeks of hatred and agenda. 

On social media you claim to be a tortured victim who is abused. And this is how you tweet

“tonight time to say f off to those who call us ‘paid media’. we are journalists, not sensationalists or elitists. gnight.”

 Now I have never seen any senior reporter tweet their followers in such unparliamentary language.

World got to see the ugly side of your agenda driven mentality at madison square when you were heckling and taunting Modi supporters there by telling the crowd “you guys came abroad and made money but couldn’t get class. “ , and also when out of sheer frustration you attacked one of the modi supporters there. And still you have the delusion of being humble. Time to look within, Rajdeep.

It’s as if you are itching to pick a fight but when the other fights back you start playing victim and cry foul.

This behaviour of yours is typical of a chimpanzee. Now let me clarify I am just talking about the behaviour and not calling you a chimpanzee. This correlation is as innocent and not pun intended as this tweet of yours:


“while Namo travels the country, my Nemo needs to be taken for a walk in the park! Different folks, different priorities! Enjoy the weekend.”

It seems you have a personal problem with Modi and everything that he represents. You seem to have set out on a task to bring down BJP and RSS but failing miserably. Now you find yourself standing alone. People don’t support you because your mission is born out of your huge ego rather than out of any noble cause. So please quit trying to project yourself as a torch-bearer for true journalism and call others supari-journalists when all you and your wife Sagarika Ghosh are doing is Modi and #internethindu bashing. A reporter should neither be loyal not hateful against anyone but your hatered is so apparent nobody can miss it.   

It seems the meat and Beef ban issue is troubling you so much. You accept the bans were in place by the earlier governments also, but you conveniently give them a clean chit. No questions asked to them on meat ban when they were in power or even now when you write this open letter.

Like every time you did’t fail to put the religious spin to the story by mentioning that a large number of people who will get unemployed because of beef ban would be minorities. Do you think, BJP as a ploy made the minorities work in a beef factory so that one day they could impose ban beef and make them unemployed? What are you trying to infer here?

When BJP was campaigning there was a clear indication of their stand on BEEF Ban and still people voted them to power. You talk about 1000s of cattle traders who voted for BJP and claim in the next breath they were minorities. I doubt they really voted for BJP, I believe they voted for AIMIM, Owasi’s party. Party that suddenly got 5 seats in Mumbai, more than years old MNS.  A party whose modulus operandi and claim to fame is similar to yours. Of giving a religious twist to every issue. But that’s besides the point.

A lot of people would have supported you had you questioned government out of genuine concern but you have lost the trust.

You seem miffed that BJP gave the Sheen Bora Murder case to CBI. BJP already said days before that as foreign nations bank accounts details and investigations are involved in the case it was being transferred to the CBI. Why else would you think they would transfer the case to CBI, Rajdeep. 

What could possibly be BJPs involvement with sheena bora case unless you are implying some BJP leader is an unknown husband of Indrani Mukherjee. Which doesn’t even seem strange looking at the strangeness of this case. So why so disturbed if Rakesh Maria was changed with a new officer a few months in advance. you are fishing for controversy when there is none.

I agree with you Rajdeep on the sedation issue where it is labeled a crime to criticise government and this can be misused by police like when two women were jailed for facebook comments. The matter is with court and I would request FadnavisJi to remove this law. This law is not required in a democracy.

But again the fact remains that Congress Government introduced this law . It was also misused during congress rule. It is strange Rajdeep, you didnt write any open nor closed letter then. That is why is difficult to digest how suddenly the revolutionary within rajdeep woke up.

You say you stand up against all terrors. But you and your wife only love to bash #internethindus, the term your wife coined and feels so proud of. She throws it around as her biggest intellectual achievement till date. Which might as well be true.

Finally, the most apparent reason why I believe you don’t stand with truth is because you lack courage.

you behave as a coward and shoot from someone else’s shoulder when you use “lok kehte hain” or “some people I spoke with”, “some say” etc.You had this this during your interview with Smriti Irani and she ripped you apart. When Mr. Fadnavis replied to Rakesh Maria transfer with a logical explanation your rebuttal was again that some fictitious ex-officers you spoke to scoffed at the explanation. Such a lame come back Rajdeep, should work on it.

You don’t have the courage to say ” I ask these questions. I have a problem with this!” You lack this conviction because your questions itself are dishonest.

 Dear Rajdeep, hope you take the letter in the right spirit. India needs responsible journalism and courageous journalists. but it should be objective, fair and definitely not vengeful. I think you are a nice person in the inside. Drop this negativity out of you, this is pulling hatred towards you from others. Do good work and win back your respect.

Best wishes!

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