Dear Modiji, Please stop your Foreign Trips now. Who will fix our problems?



Dear Modiji, hope you had a nice and successful Asian Trip. We got to know again billions of dollars worth of deals have been finalised. Personally, for me, not a single rupee increased in my pocket, though i am willing to wait to see the results.
But Now enough of foreign visits Modiji. Look at your country now. Look at the people here. What has really changed for them? Are the cities safer? Are we empowered? Have we finally started trusting our system? Barring some examples, in a lot of cases the answer is no. You so passionately talk about women’s safety and empowerment in India. Do you think women are safer today?


It’s not even been a week that a young girl was pulled from an auto, abducted in a car and then gang raped by 6 men. The incident happened in Defence colony, one of the poshest locations of delhi, the city where your Government sits.
Now before your ministers start with the rhetoric that rapes happen in India, what has PM Modi got to do about it, please hear me out for a moment.
Lets look at the latest rape incidents in India.
Below is the news of a Ramkrishna Mission sadhvi, the same ramkrishna mission that you visited while  your trip to Kolkata to meet your Guruji Swami Atmasthanand Maharaj.
 Strangely even the media is eerily silent about this incident while the rape of nun in West Bengal was prime time news for the entire day.
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.12.59 pm
Here are some other news headlines over past few months

SHOCKING: Delhi Police refuse to file rape complaint for TEN DAYS!

DailyBhaskar  |  Jul 06, 2014, 10:06AM IST

Goons threaten of rape, cops refuse to take woman’s complaint

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.18.23 pm
Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.25.58 pm

Kolkata Woman Allegedly Made to Wait For a Week to File Rape Complaint


Here is another few days old incident. 3 Mumbai cops of sakinaka station allegedly conspired with criminals to call a model for shoot assignment and then implicate her on prostitution charges, intimidate her, extort 10 lakhs worth of cash and jewellery and then conveniently rape her. All this continued for 9 hours right inside the saki naka police station!
There are bite marks on her body and she was forced to perform “oral sex” for the policeman.
Is this the ached din for ordinary Indians you were talking about Modiji? Doesn’t your blood boil when you read these news of these atrocities on your countrymen, or is it that you missed these news while on your foreign trips?


And here is a one day old news. A UK student sexually harassed by the Punjab policeman
Modiji you claim India’s image has improved internationally and people of India should not feel ashamed anymore about their Indianness. I still feel ashamed of what is happening in India.


Look at all the rape news above. There is one thing common in every news and its become so expected and obvious that we don’t even feel any alarm reading that part. If you still couldnt see then let me just spill the beans. In all these incidents and in numerous others, the victims and their family said they repeatedly tried to file police complaint but the police simply refused to write it. In many cases the abuser first physically or verbally threatened the victim before committing rape the next time. When the scared family goes to a police station to file a complaint police deny writing a complaint. If the police took action in the first instance of complaint many rapes happening in India could be prevented. Modiji, just by a small act of making police more accountable you can stop many daughters of India from meeting Nirbhaya’s fate. You will prevent many harassments a common indian goes through when he dares to visit a police station.
The truth remains that every common Indian fears to go to a police station to write a complaint. He fears he might not get dragged into the case. Only when things have gone extreme that he would dare to register his complaint.Often he has to cough up money to expect any action from police. Your Government didn’t do one bit about this issue. What improvements have you done in the police laws when you say everyday you want to remove an unnecessary law for people convenience?  You want to get the best of international suvidhas in India. Didn’t you see the 911 service in the US and the way its a life saver for them? Why can’t you make us feel safe and secure in our homes and on our streets Modiji? When will you find this issue worthy enough to be addressed?
I was hearing your speech and you mentioned you sold tea on trains. you must have closely seen the kind of pain the police is in a common man’s life, at the lower level. We have had many great cops at higher level but lower level is all about extorting money, be it the traffic police or the regular cops.


Is the solution so difficult?
I ask why is there no accountability of police action, and is it so difficult to make them accountable? When every atm in India can have a cctv camera why can’t every police station have one? can you atleast do that for us? you have pledged a billion dollar for the people of mongolia and I think you did the right thing, an act of kindness is the most noble act. But can you spend another billion and get this police accountability system in place? That will bring ache din for a lot of us. If you want to serve people.
What the cctv will do is act as an evidence of the conversation between a complainant and the reporting officer. Then we can monitor and measure how much emotional support an officer showed towards a complaint. Or was he shrugging responsibility, or being intimidating or misleading.
The BPO industry uses one important matrix to measure an agent’s service, that is by listening to a random interaction and accessing the agent’s communication with a caller. Can’t we have a similar matrix added while deciding police promotions?
when the rest of the system is changing then why not the police? This issue is so obvious it should have been your first priority actually. Or is it that this form of corrupt police is the best weapon a politician has got that you tend to overlook police transparency? 


I think of your election campaign and the slogan “Bohot hua Naari pe war, abki baar Modi sarkar” and wonder what’s the difference between the Teleshopping companies that sell those “raksha kawach” amulets and you when both just sell lofty dreams through ad campaigns, with no truth behind them.



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