Take the Quiz: Are you dumb if you support Kejriwal?

Question 1: Will AAP really help save money of Delhi People by reducing electricity, water VAT etc?

  1. Yes
  2. No


Now consider this, Kejriwal promises electricity, water, VAT and everything else at half rates to Delhi wallas. Obviously, this is not discounted pricing, this is just a subsidy and will add to Delhi’s budget deficit. So will Mr. Kejriwal make up the loses to the Government from his party fund? Additionally he plans to plant cctv cameras all around. Where will the money come from? Either people will pay from their pocket in some other way or Delhi will go into debt. Also imagine a situation where a man tries to save electricity and runs one AC while another person runs 3 ACs in his house. Through deferred pricing the person who is trying to save electricity running 1 ac might actually have to pay more. And who will benefit more from this strategy, the larger consumers or the AAM aadmi who uses minimum electricity? Where is the incentive to save electricity then?


Lalu and Mamta Banerjee used the same populist measure to subsidise railway tickets and Railways was in 2000 crore debt because of that. West Bengal still uses same populist measures and look at the state of WB right now. So will AAP push Delhi West Bengal’s way?

The previous actions of AK seems to suggest so. AK awarded free electricity to thousands of families who had supported his electricity Dharna when he came to power. That’s the truth of his 49 days AAP achievements.

Question 2: Can Kejriwal be trusted for his promises or is he a compulsive lier?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Kejriwal became famous for holding press conferences, accusing plenty of people of corruption. And he always had evidence in the form of some paper print out that he would wave in front of cameras and then put it back in his bag and leave after press conference. Not one court case filed using those evidence. He was sent to Thiar Jail on defamation when he made alligations on Nitin Gadkari, again in his trademark paper waving style, but couldn’t produce any in front of court, and to top it he refused bail and wanted to be sent Jail to hog some more media attention. Finally he applied bail after about a week and got out.



SO we ask, AAP’s social media team is so active with slogans, songs and all kinds of attention seeking material being uploaded everyday, can’t AK upload those documents on his social media pages for everyone to see? Makes me wonder if they are actually evidence or his home grocery list.

Also, When AK came to power with congress support how many anti corruption cases did he file? Instead he was asking proof from Media to file case on Shiela Dixit. When he was Income Tax commissioner how many big fishes did he try to catch? Just goes to show that he is just an attention seeker and a compulsive lier with no plans to do any real work.


Question 3: IS Kejriwal capable of running an efficient Government?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Mr Kejriwal tried to hold “Delhi Darbar” when he came to power, to listen to greviences of Delhi people. He couldn’t manage one meeting and ran away as usual when the crowd accused him of not working properly.

A first for a CM, he sat on a Dharna on 26 january, our republic day, to get Delhi police under state. And what happened to that Dharna? Nothing really, he allegedly had a secret pact with Congress that was in center at the time who suspended a police officer and the Dharna was called off with no substantial objective reached. We ask, what really goes on in his head when he decides to organize a Dharna? And Is that the only way the CM of capital can get his point across?

Question 4: Will Kejriwal bring in the lokpal bill?

  1. Yes
  2. No


AK claims to have quit Goverenment for lokpal. Well, He could have just amended the present lokayukta bill in Delhi to introduce lokpal act in Delhi. When asked in an interview why he didn’t do so, his bizarre explanation was, people of Delhi wouldn’t understand the term if its called “loakyukta” instead of lokpal, for that reason we didn’t make the changes. Now you decide how serious he is towards Lokpal Bill in Delhi. Here is the video, see his explanation himself at 36:40


And where is Lokpal in his agenda now? Now he only promises all the populist measures made famous by CPIM and the likes to attract voters.

Question 5:Will AAP Govt increase employment in Delhi?

  1. Yes
  2. No

AK declared audit on electricity companies without providing a state run electricity infrastructure in Delhi. So if electricity companies decide to pull out Delhi, people will survive without electricity till the stand off is resolved. Even if Kejriwal forces them legally to keep providing electricity to Delhi think what message that would send to the market. Companies will avoid Delhi for investment the same way they avoid West Bengal right now. Guess the only option for unemployed youth in Delhi would be to join AAP for job then. AK calls e-commerce a scam when Delhi and NCR is poised to become technology startup hub and holds huge potential for the region

Arvind Kejriwal on Ecommerce : It’s A Scam


Question 6: IS AAP different from other political parties?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Mr. AK doesn’t shy away from playing communal card to get muslim vote bank. He knows congress has no chance and wants to grab muslim votes against BJP. He has a big supporter in Asaduddin Owaisi whose younger brother’s only tweet on his unofficial twitter is this:



And this is AK’s zero vision on terrorism, global events and a safe Delhi:

But that doesn’t stop phim from holding Candle march for Gaza Bombings!

But what about the UP riots and so many other probems of India? Guess they are not as important!

The secular AAP strategy which makes congress feel left out:


He promises freebies and had even waved off electricity for the families that participated in his electricity bill Dharna in Delhi. The message is clear: “If you are with us, you will get rewarded.”

Mr Modi was right in a way. Congress party became corrupt over a period of time. This party’s basis is so wrong at so many levels. Should we give such important responsibility to such fickle minded attention seeker whose next step can be anything, or should we rather see him sitting in opposition for 5 years, understand his mentality, his thinking and only then decide whether he if fit to run a Government? What do you think, please leave a comment!


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