This Govt Officer’s work will make question your Patriotism

This Govt official almost nabbed Dawood,  negotitiated with Plane Hijackers & saved Kerala Nurses in the hands of ISIS

And it doesn’t end there, he stayed in Pakistan as an undercover spy for 7 years, got information of Pak’s nuclear Programs for Indian Government when he came back to India. And you know nothing about him!

His name is Mr. Ajit Doval, The present NSA chief of India, one great think our PM Modi did was to get him back as a Guardian of India’s security.
Infact the bollywood movie D-Day was inspired by real life events, and this guy had planned it all.

A Must Watch! Pakistani Advisor, Dr Shahid Masood describe with fear, the story of this Great Hero who is now the National Security Advisor of India.

A true son of the Soil, for a change someone who is not running to hog the limelight, he just does his job with pure determination and love for his Motherland. This breed of people in India is even more rare today than the Tigers left here.

Read an article on how he Got Kerala nurses out of ISIS clutches in Iraq.



Else they would have faced the same fate that Yezidi women face today.


Ajit Doval Sir, I found find it an honour to wash your feet for the great service you have done to our Mother India. May God give you a great life ahead. All my heartiest wishes for you!

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