Unbelievable Pradesh? Minister accused of burning a reporter alive is also accused of gangraping an anganwadi worker.But Police won’t touch the minister.



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Can we rename Uttar Pradesh and call it unbelievable Pradesh, because the stories coming out from that state are exactly that – Unbelievable!

In what could seem like a plot from the 90’s movie on lawlessness, a reporter was burnt to death for his facebook posts on the charges on UP state minister Ram Murthi Verma. The reporter had shared news of the case of alleged gangrape on an Anganwadi worker by Ram Murthi Verma and his police officer friends. The same police officers then allegedly beat up the reporter Rajinder Singh and burnt him using petrol  in front of his family, on the instructions of the Minister. And the police has still not even arrested the minster. It is speculated that Akhilesh Govt. is saving the minister from arrest.

Shahjahanpur: In a shocking incident, Shahjahanpur-based journalist Jagendra Singh , who had been vocally raising corruption and injustice issues through his facebook post has died after he was allegedly burnt alive for a Facebook post against Samajwadi Party MLA Ram Murti.

Singh’s family has claimed that a police officer allegedly set the journalist on fire. He succumbed to his injuries while he was being taken to the hospital.

Sadly, this is the fate of our brave fighters in UP. Manjunath was not the first or the last person in UP to be burnt to death here. What is shocking is according to the family, a policeman burnt him to death.

What does the police say?

The police has maintained that Singh committed suicide. “There was a case against Jagendra Singh. We tried to arrest him but he committed suicide,” SP, Shahjahanpur said.

The reporter testifies against the minster who got him burnt with the help of police, before  succumbing to the burn injuries and still the police claims that he has committed suicide. This is how truthful and fair the U.P. police is! In the meanwhile, the media could interview the minister but the police still couldn’t arrest him.

What is shocking is that the same police officers accused of burning the reporter are also the same one who are accused by an anganwadi worker of abducting her and gangraping her along with the Minister Ram Murthi Verma!


Below are the posts of Jagendra Singh on facebook:







Family of the reporter:



This is the facebook page of the deceased: https://www.facebook.com/jagendr

Aanganwadi worker alleged rape news against the minister:

Picture2News link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bareilly/Anganwadi-worker-alleges-min-raped-her/articleshow/47541484.cms





The same Inspector Shriprakash rai and other officers are alleged to be involved in the gangrape as well as in the burning case of reporter Rajinder singh. Is it any surprise that tha U.P. police is taking no action in this case?


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